Why to invest in Dubai?

why to invest in dubai?

Why to invest in Dubai?

  1. High Return On Investment (ROI)

Dubai is known as a fancy city. People come to UAE from all over the world for traveling or business because Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are the major emirates of UAE have top opportunities and absolutely known as the lucky places in everything.

BUT… Dubai rates a higher level of ROI than other emirates. On calculations, Dubai’s ROI is from 7% to 10% annually.


  1. Tax-Free Investment

UAE is considered a tax-free investment country. If you invest in real estate in Dubai, you are not required to pay taxes in any way, whether it is the real estate tax, income tax, capital gain tax, rental revenue tax, or value-added tax. All you have to pay is the municipality fees and private community charges. Wonder? How cool is it to live and relax in Dubai without paying any taxes?


  1. Safest Country in the world

Dubai is considered one of the safest countries in the world as its low crime rate.

There’s no violence at all in Dubai, that’s why you must come and raise your children here. As you can walk, drive, invest, work or study without any fear. It’s the safest place for your families also.


  1. High Standard of Living

Dubai is known for its high-standard luxury lifestyle. Big fancy apartments, villas on beach views, and glamorous living standards. You will live in luxury at every spot in Dubai.


  1. Good Economy

The High-class economy makes all the investors believe to select this city for its infrastructure. As UAE has the most diversified economy with high volume, it will take direct foreign investment clients around the globe.


  1. Regulated Market

The real estate market in UAE is the fastest growing realty in the middle east. The market currently is at its peak. The Government strictly works on regulating market transparency with regulations and rules. By Dubai Land Department (DLD), the data can be seen by everyone.



  1. Golden Visa

A golden visa is known as a long-term visa to reside, work, invest, do business and start your own business in the emirates.

You will be eligible for Golden Visa by investing 2 million AED, as its length can be extended from 5 to 10 years.

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